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That Projector Life is dedicated to supporting Human Design Projectors on their journey to understand their energy + how to work with it.

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Meet Ardelia

Hello and welcome to That Projector Life! I’m Ardelia Lee, podcast host, content creator, and Human Design Projector. 

I’m all about learning and living the HD system. I really want people to understand the system from a mental perspective and to embody the system. Human Design is meant to be lived. And my specific design is all about experiencing and sharing.

Because of that, I tend to be more grounded and practical in my approach to the Human Design system. While I definitely enjoy contemplating more esoteric and spiritual concepts (and I’ve been moving more into that as I grow), I still love a practical step-by-step guide.

That’s my core approach to the system: Learn, experience, reflect, correct, repeat. And from that system I create my content – including podcast episodes, social posts, and Patreon videos.

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