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Look, I love the Human Design System. I think it’s one of the best self-discovery systems out there because there’s so much depth to it. And I wanted to create a place where Projectors can explore that depth with ease.

I’m also all about the practical application of the system. While I can appreciate the spiritual value of the Human Design, I focus more on how we can use the system in our daily lives. I like asking (and the answering) questions like “What does this mean for you?” and “How can we work with this energy?”

To that end, That Projector Life’s Patreon is dedicated to teaching Human Design in a more accessible way. Think video lessons that build on each other and give you a solid understanding of the Human Design system. Or written post series that go deep into a specific topic. 

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Patron Perks

Becoming a Patron of That Projector Life is a great way to explore the Human Design system on your own time – and without the hassle of having to Google all the things and then piece them together.

Every month you’ll get access to new and exclusive content that will help you move through the Human Design system in an easy + fun way.

We’ll cover everything from Human Design basics (like the centers, types, authorities, etc) to more advanced topics like circuitry, gates, and channels.

And yes, we’ll move into Incarnation Crosses when the time is right.

That Projector Life’s Patreon is intended to be an entertaining reference manual as you learn what it means to live and work with your unique Projector energy.

Exclusive Posts

I love sharing bite-sized Human Design content in the form of Patreon posts! These posts are a great chance for us to explore deeper HD topics in a easy-to-digest way. (Think topics like the planets in Human Design.)

Patron-Only Podcast Episodes

If you love the That Projector Life Podcast, consider becoming a Patron. Each month you’ll get an extra podcast episode just for Patrons. Want me to cover a specific topic on the show? Suggest it and let me know!

Learn With Video Lessons

Adventurer members get access to a minimum of 2 new video lessons each month. This is a chance to go even deeper with Human Design in a relaxed manner. The videos tend to be around 30 minutes and are a focused on just one topic per lesson. (For example: Exploring the Head Center).

Check Out these Patreon Collections

Start learning with these series!

The Projector Pivot Challenge

Join the challenge that started it all, and learn how to start working with your Projector energy over just 5 lessons. Each lesson has an action item and recommended resources to take your learning deeper. (This is a written series.)

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Attract Epic Invitations

This video series will teach you the essentials of invitations, recognition, and waiting so you can attract invitations with confidence. Use the series workbook to help you reflect on what you’re learning and apply it to your life.

Exclusively for Patrons

The Projector Biz Challenge

Ready to learn how to use your Projector energy in your business? Looking to bring more alignment to your business? Join this challenge to do just that. We’ll also blend strategy and energy as we make our way through this written series.

Free on Patreon

Understand Your Variables

Use this video series to dive into your Human Design Variables (those four arrows on the side of your chart) and learn what they mean. We’ll go into each arrow, how to work with that info, and what it all means for you.

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Human Design Basics

This is the video series we’re currently working through! Learn all about the foundations of the Human Design system, from its origins to the different centeres, types, strategies, and authorities. Start here so you have a solid foundation.

Exclusively for Adventurers

Human Design Relationships

Ready to bring more peace and harmony to your relationships? Looking to understand why your partner drives you crazy? This video series will help you do both! But remember, we’re not trying to fix each other, only seeking to understand.

Exclusively for Adventurers

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