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This video series will walk you through each of the Four Transformations (or Variables) in Human Design and what they mean for you.

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Your Human Design Chart Holds Tons of Info

Wondering what those four arrows on either side of your Human Design Bodygraph mean? Those are variables – and they tell you how you digest, what environment is best for you, what kind of perception you have, and what your awareness potential is.

But it can be difficult to figure out what all of those arrows mean. The Understand Your Variable video series will help you dive deeper into each of the four arrows so you can finally understand how to work with them to live in alignment with your unique energy.

Variables are next-level HD info. Be confident in your strategy + authority before starting this.

Know Your PHS

Wondering how you digest food? We’ll cover that in this series – and we’ll talk about why lots of diets don’t work.

Learn About Environment

Are you in the right environment? And why does that even matter? We’ll cover that and more in this free video series.

Know How Variables Interact

We’ll talk about how your Variables interact and build on each other – and why it’s so important to focus on them one-by-one.

What Will You Learn?

All the Things We Cover in the Series

Lesson 1 - How to Find Your Variables

This video lesson walks you through how you can find your unique variables in your Human Design chart. 

Lesson 2: Understanding Left and Right Variables

In this lesson, we cover the difference between left and right arrows. We’ll also look at a big-picture view of all of the variables and how they fit together.

Lesson 3: Digestion + the PHS

This video walks you through the first arrow in Human Design. We talk about digestion and determination and how they work to help you nourish your brain and body. We also talk about cognition and how you connect with the world.

Lesson 4: Environment

In this lesson, we’ll explore your Human Design environment and why knowing your environment is important for your body and your health. Not living in the right environment? That’s ok! We’ll also talk about what you can do to recreate your environment right where you are.

Lesson 5: Perspective

This video dives into the Perspective arrow, what you’re meant to see when you’re in alignment, and how to understand and apply it to your life. It’ll also cover what you see when you’re not in alignment (transferrence).

Lesson 6: Motivation

This lesson explores your motivation and transference, allowing you to understand how you operate correctly on a deeper level. It’ll also give you a peek at what drives everything on the surface of your design.

Video Lessons

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Hear From Previous Students

“Thank you so much for putting together this teaching on the Variables. I have been getting very confused trying to learn about them, and this described everything so clearly. I am so excited to learn this!”

Laurie Lazenby

“I love this series, it has the summary of 4 variables in beautiful presentation and graphs that help me to memorize and differentiate basic definitions for each. She speaks in clear, soothing and concise language, good length videos! Thank you for making it free! It is so generous of you.”


Irma Park

“I’m actually a generator but this course explained sooo clearly the base knowledge of variables. I have a lot to contemplate and integrate in a good way. Definitely 10/10.”

Juanita Johnson

“A great intro, clear and accessible despite the complexity of the subject. Thank you!”


Jade Ares

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