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Hey there! Thank you so much for your desire to reach out and connect. I’d love to hear from you, and I’m always happy to answer any quick Human Design questions that come up.

If you’d like to reach out and just say hi and let me know how much you’re enjoying the podcast, feel free to do so. Those messages geninuely make my day, and it’s so humbling to hear how my work has impacted others.

If you have a potential podcast guest for me to interview, that’s great! I’d love to hear more details and connect with them.

You can email me at ardelia@thatprojectorlife.com. You can also find me on social media platforms using the links below.

I try my best to get back to all messages (both through email and social) in about 3 business days. However, sometimes that’s not always possible as life happens. Please be patient with me and know that I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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Get to know your energy and your chart better during our 60-minute session. Don’t worry – this isn’t an info dump. It’s time we spend talking through your energy, how it works, and how it shows up in your life. We’ll highlight how you can work with your energy and things to watch out for.

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