Meet Ardelia
All the details + secrets

Hey! I’m Ardelia.

And my mission with That Projector Life is to offer support and guidance to my fellow Human Design Projectors so you can shift into alignment, joy, and success. Human Design is such a neat (and complex) system, and I know it can get a little overwhelming sometimes.

Through my podcast episodes, videos, and social posts, I want to bring this system to life in a clear, meaningful way. It really is meant to be lived, to be fully embodied. And I focus on Projectors specifically because we occupy a unique space in the Human Design world.

Being a Human Design Projector really is a gift, and I want to help you wake up to the beautiful energy you carry within you.

I’ve been working with and living my design since 2018, when I first learned I was a Projector. As I’ve continued learning about HD, living my design, and refining my approach, my life has definitely changed for the better. I’m a much happier, aligned, and authentic person now. And I want to bring that to Projectors everywhere.

Curious about my design?

Here are the basic highlights.

Type: Projector

Waiting and invitations are a big part of my life, and learning how to live and work with them has been a journey.

Authority: Self

Who I am is everything for me. It’s how I find my direction. I’m here to be myself and to fully express myself. 

Profile: 1/3

I’m all about a solid knowledge foundation. And then I take that foundation and put it to the test. Does it work in the real world?

My Background

I’ve been in the online business space since 2014, but business was a struggle for me until I was introduced to Human Design in 2018.

After lots of learning and experimenting (which totally includes learning what doesn’t work), I realized that there actually was something to this being a Projector thing.

I also realized that – in 2018 – there wasn’t a lot of information out there for Projectors. (Side note: It’s not really that helpful to just say “Wait for the invitation.” Like what does that even mean?)

So as I continued to live my experiment and figure out what worked for me, I began sharing that journey on the That Projector Life Podcast. As I learned more about Human Design and being a Projector, I added services and resources to my business.

That Projector Life has grown (and continues to grow) as a result of my own growth, transformations, and experiences.


Yes, I’m a certified Human Design Reader! I recevied my Level 4 certification from Raquel Reyna. If you want to talk about anything from HD Basics to Incarnation Crosses, let’s do it!


I have a B.A. and M.A. in English Literature from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. I can wax poetic about Old Enligh, Middle English, or Romantic Literature.


I’ve been offering Human Design Readings since 2019, and in that time, I’ve done over 200 readings! Over the years, my readings have evolved, and I’ve brought more depth and fun to them.

Explore Your Human Design

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Get to know your energy and your chart better during our 60-minute session. Don’t worry – this isn’t an info dump. It’s time we spend talking through your energy, how it works, and how it shows up in your life. We’ll highlight how you can work with your energy and things to watch out for.

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Just for fun

My Astrology basics

Taurus Sun

Solid. Steady. Predictable. That’s me! I work hard, and I play hard. (Good luck getting me to move once I’ve decided to rest.)

Capricorn Moon

Productivity is super important to me. And I have a plan for pretty much everything in life. (Plans are the best!)

Libra Rising

Do I seem more outgoing than my Taurus sun suggests at first glance? Blame my Libra rising. I’m all about solid relationships.

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