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Unlock your magic and transform your life through a Human Design Reading. It’s the first step on the journey of awakening to yourself.

Foundation ReadingChannels Reading

You’re More Than a Chart

And you need someone who gets that.


When you and I sit down to go through your Human Design chart, we’ll do so with the understanding that you’re a unique human being. And because of that, we’ll talk about how to apply your chart to your life – exactly as it is now.

Each reader has a different approach to readings. When I look at a Human Design Chart, whether in a Foundation Reading or a Gates and Channels Reading, I focus on the big picture and how all the pieces fit together.

As we move through each area of your chart, we’ll talk about the energy present in your chart and how it comes alive – what it can look like in your life. I definitely want you to ask questions and make connections of your own. (Also, interruptions are always welcome!)

Learning about your energy is the first step. The second step is how to move forward with that knowledge.

Foundation Reading – $179

Start your Human Design journey strong with a Foundation Reading! This 60-minute reading is your gateway to understanding your energy and how to work with it. 

During this session, we’ll cover the basics of your Human Design chart, including your Strategy + Authority as well as your defined and undefined centers. If we have time, we can begin a very high-level overview of your channels.

The Foundation Reading really focuses on how your chart works on a mechanical level. We talk about the ins and outs of the the centers and how they show up in your life as well as what you need to watch out for.

The goal of this reading is to help you develop a deeper understanding of your energy and how to start working with it.

Strategy + Authority

We’ll start the reading by diving into your Strategy and Authority and talking about how both pieces work – seperately and together. This is the very foundation of the whole Human Design chart.

Defined + Undefined Centers

We’ll spend the majority of our time talking about your defined and undefined centers and how this energy works. It’s so important to understand and see how your centers impact you so you can begin to shift into alignment.

How to Live Your Design

Throughout the reading, we’ll talk about different ways that you can work with the energy you have. We’ll also cover steps you can take to release the energy that isn’t yours. I’m all about practical steps to help you move into alignment.

Gates and Channels Reading – $229

The channels are where Human Design really comes alive! This more advanced 60-minute reading focuses on just the gates and channels present in your Human Design chart. We’ll look at your channels and talk about their circuitry, how that can show up in your life, and the role(s) you’re here to play. 

This is all about diving deep into the energy of each channel – and of each gate in your channels – and talking about how you can work with them. Want to get into the energetic interplay of your channels? This is where you start!

Because this reading focuses exclusively on the gates and channels in a chart, I really only recommend it if you’ve already had a Foundational Reading, or if you’ve been living your design for a few years and really understand the basics of Human Design.

Gates and Planets

When we look at the gates in your design, we’ll also look at the planets in the gates. Each planet has its own unique flavor and changes how the gate is expressed in your design.


Your channels are what you’re here to be known for, and they’re the primary way that energy flows through your chart. We’ll explore how the gates and planets come together to create your unique channels and how they show up in your life.


As we talk about your channels, we’ll also dive into Human Design Circuitry. This allows us to explore the themes in your channels and give you a big-picture perspective on where your energy fits into the whole of humanity.

What My Clients Say

I’ve read over 200 charts since 2019! I get so excited each time I sit down with to share a chart’s energy with its owner – because no two charts (or people) are ever the same. 

I love piecing together the energy in the chart to create a big picture that’s easy to understand while offering practical steps to begin living your design. 

Hear what my previous clients have to say! Play the video to listen to Shelby Melissa, a Human Design projector, share her experience with my readings.

“I consulted Ardelia for help balancing my hectic career. I felt out of alignment but just could not figure out how else I could do things. Ardelia helped me understand my natural inclinations and how to tap into my projector strengths rather than falling into the same traps again and again. I am forever grateful, Ardelia!”


Joachim Lépine

“Ardelia’s reading was magical.  She is one of the good ones.  Very genuine and warm in her approach and explains everything is a way that is easy to understand.  Her reading validated so much of what I have been sitting with, and allowed me to see from new perspectives.  What previously felt like areas of “stuckness” became opportunities and growth.  I highly recommend her if for a chart reading.”


Sophie McCollum

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you record the reading?

Yep! Hitting record is the first thing I’ll do after we’ve settled in. I can usually send over the recording the same day as well. Once you have the replay, you’re welcome to watch it as many times as you like. There’s no expiration date! 

Can I come prepared with questions?

Yep! And if you’d like, you’re more than welcome to share those questions with me before the reading – either when you book your call or through email before our chat. I’d like to have your questions beforehand, if possible. That way I can be sure to prepare for them.

What will the Foundational Reading cover?

The Foundational Human Design Reading will cover the basics of your chart – the big-picture need-to-know info. 

We’ll cover your strategy and authority, defined centers and channels, and your undefined centers. If we have time, we can touch on your profile and Incarnation Cross a bit.

What if I already know about my foundational chart?

If you feel super confident about all the things a Foundational Human Design Reading will cover, it’s time to book a Gates and Channels Reading!

What will the Gates and Channels Reading cover?

The Gates and Channels Reading takes a deep dive into the specific energy of your gates and channels. We’ll look at the planetary placements of your gates in the channels – as well as the circuitry of your channels – to help you understand how your energy interacts with itself (and the world around it). 

This reading is all about looking at the flow of energy and what you’re here to be known for (a.k.a. your channels). If you’re looking for more in-depth information on how your specific chart comes alive, this is it!

Can I ask questions after the reading?

Absolutely! I totally understand not having questions in the moment…and then hopping off the call only to have the perfect question pop into your mind. Also, we all process on different timelines. So if you end up having a question a week after your reading (or 3 weeks or 6 months), feel free to reach out! You can email me at

More Client Love

“Ardelia has such a warm, generous tone to her readings. She’s open, receptive, and thoughtful in her insights as well as intuitive and knowledgeable to really dig deep and get to your core essence. I really enjoyed how personalized she made my Human Design reading, and how it aligns to the life and career I have chosen. She spoke a language that I could follow and resonate with. I feel like I have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of my energy in just one reading.”


Jodi Moore Lewis

“What stands out is what you explained about being tribal-oriented and that I am an energy projector. In general, I felt that you validated my experiences and made my life’s journey more comprehensible. I think your free content is over-the-top as well. I am still taking it all in. After watching the recording of my chart reading, I was particularly interested in how my undefined centers affect everything. I think this may be a huge area of growth for me, in terms of applying this information.”


A. L.

“I came to Ardelia relatively new to Human Design, and I left our reading feeling like a pro at operating within my own energy! She told me things about myself that I knew was always there but wasn’t sure how to articulate. She made me feel so seen in a very intimate but empowering way. She was able to point out my strengths and challenges while being super compassionate. There was no question left unanswered. I left my reading with Ardelia with a new-found confidence in my unique energy and innate abilities.”


Elayna Arthur

“You helped me to see myself for who I truly am. So much makes sense. Human Design opens a lot of new doors and gives me so many aha moments. You have great knowledge about Human Design and you are very empathetic, understanding the struggles of projectors as you are one yourself. I can highly recommend you to everyone wanting to find out what their true nature is.”


Sandra Kincaid

Explore Your Human Design

With a Foundation Reading

Get to know your energy and your chart better during our 60-minute foundation session. We’ll talk through through your energy, how it works, and how it shows up in your life. We’ll highlight how you can work with your energy and things to watch out for.

With a Channels Reading

Let’s explore your chart more in depth as we dive into the gates and channels that you have! We’ll talk about how you can work with your (very specific) energy and the impacts that the planets have in their gates. We’re going deep with this reading!