196. Exploring the Layers of Human Design With Leann Wolff

Oct 25, 2023 | Human Design, Interview

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We have a super special guest on That Projector Life this week! Human Design Professional and BG5 Business & Career Consultant Leann Wolff is joining us to talk about all things Human Design. We start off by discussing the Mani-Gen/Projector relationship and how it differs from that of a Generator/Projector one. (Those of you with both Mani-Gens and Generators in your house, take some notes.)

Then we move into talking about money, business, and manifesting as a Projector. And this is a huge topic, but Leann really did an amazing job of offering guidance on where we can look in our chart to determine the best path forward. She also shares her view that Projectors have a special connection with the quantum field due to our aura, something that comes into play when we talk about manifesting.

Leann also talked about Cognition and how we can use that to give us greater depth on whether or not an invitation is correct for us. We dove into my Smell cognition and discussed how I can literally smell invitations, something I’ll definitely be leaning into in my own experiment.

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Guest Spotlight – Leann Wolff

Leann Wolff is a visionary Human Design Professional and BG5 Business & Career Consultant, renowned for her dynamic approach to living a self-actualized life within the bustling business world.

With more than a decade of experience, Leann is a true trailblazer in guiding clients toward complete alignment with their business through the fusion of Human Design and Manifestation practices.

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Meet Your Host

Hey! I’m Ardelia Lee. And my mission with That Projector Life is to offer support and guidance to my fellow Human Design Projectors so you can shift into alignment, joy, and success. Human Design is such a neat (and complex) system, and I know it can get a little overwhelming sometimes.

Through my podcast episodes, videos, and social posts, I want to bring this system to life in a clear, meaningful way. It really is meant to be lived, to be fully embodied. And I focus on Projectors specifically because we occupy a unique space in the Human Design world.

Being a Human Design Projector really is a gift, and I want to help you wake up to the beautiful energy you carry within you.

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