145. How to Create Business Systems as a Projector

Apr 20, 2022 | Aligned Business, Projector Life

Episode Details

In this episode, we’re talking about why and how to set up business systems. Honestly, these guys are the backbone of my business. They do the heavy lifting for me while I’m creating other content or resting. I use automated emails the most (think funnels or sequences) to connect further with people who sign up for my freebies.

So we’ll dive into how you can use automated systems like funnels without feeling sleazy. (And yes, it’s totes possible). We’ll also talk about viewing your business systems as a whole and how each part works together. And that doesn’t always include automation. For example, my podcast is part of my marketing system, and there’s no automation here!

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Meet Your Host

Hey! I’m Ardelia Lee. And my mission with That Projector Life is to offer support and guidance to my fellow Human Design Projectors so you can shift into alignment, joy, and success. Human Design is such a neat (and complex) system, and I know it can get a little overwhelming sometimes.

Through my podcast episodes, videos, and social posts, I want to bring this system to life in a clear, meaningful way. It really is meant to be lived, to be fully embodied. And I focus on Projectors specifically because we occupy a unique space in the Human Design world.

Being a Human Design Projector really is a gift, and I want to help you wake up to the beautiful energy you carry within you.

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