155. Let’s Talk About Invitations. Again.

Aug 31, 2022 | Human Design, Projector Life

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Invitations are a central part of being a Projector, and understanding them (and how to work with them) can be difficult. In this episode, we’re once again looking at invitations, waiting, and understanding the energetic exchange that happens.

I’ll talk about some things I haven’t yet when it comes to invitations – like how waiting can suck and be really uncomfortable. We’ll also explore the idea of what I’m now calling “knee-jerk invitations” – invitations that happen without real recognition because Projectors understand how difficult it can be to wait for an invitation. So we decide to simply offer that person the invitation they want. (I’ve done it, too.)

Finally, we’ll talk about how difficult this whole Projector thing can be. Because it’s not always unicorns and butterflies – though if that’s been your experience so far, that’s wonderful! This episode ended up being quite heavy, and I didn’t intend for that, but I supposed sometimes you have to strap on your scuba tanks and go deep. And that’s what we’re doing here.

We’re exploring some uncomfortable ideas and taking a hard look at ourselves and how we work with invitations in an honest, aligned way. Ready to reflect? Listen to the episode now.

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Meet Your Host

Hey! I’m Ardelia Lee. And my mission with That Projector Life is to offer support and guidance to my fellow Human Design Projectors so you can shift into alignment, joy, and success. Human Design is such a neat (and complex) system, and I know it can get a little overwhelming sometimes.

Through my podcast episodes, videos, and social posts, I want to bring this system to life in a clear, meaningful way. It really is meant to be lived, to be fully embodied. And I focus on Projectors specifically because we occupy a unique space in the Human Design world.

Being a Human Design Projector really is a gift, and I want to help you wake up to the beautiful energy you carry within you.

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