172. Parenting as a Projector With Sashya Clark

Feb 15, 2023 | Human Design, Projector Life

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Join my Mental Projector guest Sashya Clark and me as we talk all things parenting as a Projector. We highlight how we parent our Projector, Generator, and Manifestor kids and the struggles, strategies, and successes we’ve found along the way.

Sashya shares from her experience raising four kiddos – three Generators and a Projector – and the strategies that she’s found that work for them. She highlights how she strives to support her kids – her Generators especially – to be independent and capable of solving problems on their own through their Sacral responses.

I share some about my Manifestor and the challenges and strategies I’ve learned along the way. Our conversation also shows the vast difference not just between the Human Design types – but the kids themselves. Sashya doesn’t parent all of Generators the same way, and being aware of their unique designs makes it easier for her to understand how she can support them as individuals.

Listen in for an honest parenting conversation and to learn how we apply Human Design within our families to support positive growth.

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Guest Spotlight – Sashya Clark

Sashya is an educator, seeker, and Dream Steward from the Midwest. She has spent the past 25 years refining her parenting practice, while serving various individuals and organizations during times of immense growth and transition.

She has a passion for helping people succeed on their own terms. As a perennial understudy of life and nature, she is consistently captivated by encountering G-d hiding among the bushes of circumstance. An avid reader, she currently spends most days pondering the deeper connections in the words of Torah, keeping up with the Daf Yomi, writing, homeschooling her three boys, strengthening the local Jewish community, and trout fishing the Driftless Area streams with her husband, Ben.

Her current passion is helping parents gain control of their parenting practice, through her proprietary coaching approach, “Be-YOU-tiful” which couples powerful tools (such as Human Design and Gene Keys) with a relational, person-centered approach.

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Hey! I’m Ardelia Lee. And my mission with That Projector Life is to offer support and guidance to my fellow Human Design Projectors so you can shift into alignment, joy, and success. Human Design is such a neat (and complex) system, and I know it can get a little overwhelming sometimes.

Through my podcast episodes, videos, and social posts, I want to bring this system to life in a clear, meaningful way. It really is meant to be lived, to be fully embodied. And I focus on Projectors specifically because we occupy a unique space in the Human Design world.

Being a Human Design Projector really is a gift, and I want to help you wake up to the beautiful energy you carry within you.

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